Flowers From A Different Summer

"FLOWERS FROM A DIFFERENT SUMMER" is a long title, but it's beautiful, I think, given that the story is horrific but also touching.  The main character is Michael Jepson whose sister was murdered on Michael's 12th birthday.  Just before her murder, she took a photo of Michael on his new bike.  Now, some 30 years later, it is Michael's son's 12th birthday, and MIchael takes a photo of him on his new bike...but with disastrous results.  The similar composition of the two photos, taken 30 years apart, causes Michael to black-out.  And when he comes round, he is not the same  -  he is all of a sudden filled with rage at his sister's death, his sister's death he'd all but forgotten...and now he wants revenge.

I've been working on this story, on and off, for a while now, and I really didn't like one of the characters for various reasons  -  he was just too annoying, and rude, too, especially to Michael, who had enough problems.  I even began to dislike this character's dog, an equally annoying German Shepherd named Bruno.  Over the past 6 months, I've replaced that character with a kind, old man who fits the bill much better.  Also, because of his kind nature, it gave me the chance to give him a past that Michael Jepson didn't expect to find out about.  A dark past.

And it is a dark past that will help MIchael Jepson finally get his revenge for his sister's death...or so he believes...

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