Sunday, 22 September 2013

As The Flies Crow ~ New Cover

Hello everyone.  Hope you are well.  I now have a new cover for "As The Flies Crow", all thanks to the very wonderful Debbie over at ""  I was finding it difficult and time-consuming having to do my own covers, so I decided to take the plunge with a dedicated cover designer.  I found "" on Twitter, and as you can see, the result is rather lovely ( my daughter called it "Creepy - the colours and effects are great!") .  I can't help but agree with her.  If you're looking for a cover for your books, I can't recommend Debbie enough.  Her communication is first class, and she frequently updates you on the progress of your cover.

As The Flies Crow is around 65.000 words, pretty much the same length as Marsha's Bag.  Both books are linked, in that Marsha Dunbar appears in both.  The main character in As The Flies Crow is Sonia Rowntree, and, without giving too much away, she runs into Marsha Dunbar towards the end of the book.  I love this chapter.  It pulls Marsha and Sonia together, and lines them up to share a book together ( I'm working on the idea, anyhow ).  But I'll leave it there.  If you enjoy "women in peril" novels, then you might just enjoy Marsha's Bag & As The Flies Crow.  Do give them a read if you can.  Both are available on Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo, etc.

Praise for Marsha's Bag:

"Engrossing and accomplished thriller" *****

"A gripping read" ****

"Excellent unusual story" *****

"Great read.  Couldn't wait to see what happened next" *****

"A good and original idea" ***

"This book had me gripped from beginning to end" ****

All reviews can be verified on Apple.

I'm still hacking away at the Train Station novel.  At one point last week I wanted to give up on it, which is just what I did with it years ago.  In fact, I tore the thing up! Now that I'm writing it again, I can see why I did that.  But I'm going to persevere because I love the story - in life, I think it is love that keeps us all going, no matter what we do.
     A big thank you to everyone.  Take care.
     Kind regards, Martin  

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