Monday, 24 December 2012

Marsha's Bag # 2

I've headed this post Marsha's Bag # 2, due to the fact my new novel is almost ready.  It's roughly the same size as Marsha's Bag ( 65.000 words approx ), but in reality it is not a follow-on to Marsha's Bag.  However, it is similar, and also Marsha Dunbar puts in an appearance.  All of it ties in nicely, I think...and it got me thinking that maybe I should do a couple more along the same lines, with Marsha appearing in each one, until finally they culminate in a real Marsha's Bag # 2.  But I'll probably wait and see how the new novel goes first.

I'm tempted to put the cover on the blog, which I'm really pleased with, but I think it's best I wait until I upload the book itself.  That should be in a month or two's time.  No one's read it, either.  Not even a wee bit.  I started it at the beginning of October, and the first draft was done in two months.  Prior to that, I worked on a novel named "Dawn's Chains", which I believed would be the follow-on to Marsha's Bag.  I got a fair amount of it done, too.  Even created the cover for it, which I really like.  However, it plummeted into areas I wasn't comfortable with.  That is to say, as a horror novel, it's fine.  Pretty good, really.  A naked woman chained to a wall, yep, it's horror, all right...and it gets...well, I'll say no more on the subject.  And I don't really want it associated with Marsha's Bag, that's the truth of it.  But the new novel? Yes, it fits just right with Marsha's Bag...although there is one scene that's a little...squirmy? Still, I'm happy enough for it to be left in.  It certainly doesn't reach down as far Dawn's Chains, that's for sure.

Anyhow, I have plenty to be getting on with.  The other novel I hope to publish, but later in 2013, is coming along well, too.  It's written.  It's roughly 100.000 words.  I'll almost certainly make a start on another novel, as well.  Not at the moment, though.  That's it.  It's Christmas! My poor wife Katie is working until 6.30.  But I'm sure she'll be fine once we get down the pub this evening! She loves her vodka and Red Bull, that girl!

I hope you all have a good Christmas and that 2013 brings you much joy.  Where would we be without dreams, eh?  And love.  And the beauty of words.