Sunday, 21 October 2012

Smashwords Downloads

Many thanks to those of you who have downloaded Flowers From A Different Summer on Smashwords.  I do hope the downloads continue.  I wanted to make "Flowers" free for a while in the hope I might capture a wider readership, and thankfully, it seems to be working.  A special thanks to Georgi Abbott from Canada, who left very positive feedback on Smashwords.  Lovely.

I hope to publish 2 novels in 2013, and so far, they are coming along nicely.  One is about a boy who has to kill in order to protect his younger, disabled brother.  The other is similar to Marsha's Bag in that it is another "woman in peril" novel.  I was hoping to keep it a straightforward crime-thriller, but no, it has slipped into darker places.  The main character is just as resourceful as Marsha, and also as quirky.  She also has a specific ability that becomes an even greater, more unsettling, ability that she finds she can no longer control ( no handbags involved! ).  I have plans to bring Marsha Dunbar into the story, as well, so we'll see how it goes.  So far so good.

Once again, thank you for downloading "Flowers".  I'm sure Gaz & Deez will be watching you from their place in scrap-metal heaven. Long live the Local Monsters!